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Marine Advisory Services

Our Marine Advisory vertical plays a crucial role in helping the maritime industry transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future by offering guidance, technology solutions, and compliance support to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency.


Generating Carbon Credits through Energy Saving Devices

This involves identifying and implementing/retrofitting energy-saving technologies and practices on ships and in maritime operations. These energy-saving measures can lead to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. By documenting and verifying the emissions reductions, companies can generate carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets. These credits can be sold or used to offset emissions in other parts of their operations.



Decarbonisation Advice and Compliance Support

Maritime companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions to comply with national and international regulations, including EU ETS requirements. We provide advice on how to decarbonise operations, which may include transitioning to alternative fuels, adopting energy-efficient technologies, and optimizing shipping routes. We also assist in ensuring compliance with emissions reduction targets and reporting requirements.


Training Programs and Seminars

We offer training programs and seminars for maritime professionals. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including environmental regulations, energy-efficient practices, and the latest technologies in the maritime industry. This helps maritime companies stay informed and adapt to the evolving landscape of environmental sustainability.



Ship and Shore Energy and Environmental Audits

We have the expertise to conduct audits of both ships and their shore-based operations. These audits assess energy efficiency, emissions, and environmental compliance. It helps identify areas for improvement and suggest measures to enhance sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of maritime activities.

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